Paper shelf importance placed on the terminal display

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Paper shelf display placed in the terminal, is the first step in marketing efforts;
Paper shelf display props and special place in the Shanghai supermarket terminal Use a large role in the use of properly placed so that the terminal display props become a powerful weapon promotions. So reasonable and effective display of goods on display can play a display of goods, to stimulate sales, easy to buy, save space and beautify the role of various shopping environment. According to statistics, if properly store configuration and display using technology product sales could increase by 10% based on the original. Therefore, how to make the finishing touches, the terminal display is the beginning of all the work.
End of the market, in short, only contains three elements: goods (gift), Booth (POP), man. Therefore, the terminal display also will include: commodity display, gift display, four POP display, personnel situation and so on.
First, the paper shelf - commodity display
Very well-known French saying business proverb: "Even fruits and vegetables, but also like a still life painting as artistic arrangement, because beauty can be lifted commodity customers desire to buy." Effective merchandising can cause consumers purchases, and prompted them to take action later. In addition to good merchandise display must follow some basic principles, including the profitability of good display point, six attractiveness, convenience, price, stability, etc., but also must meet the following nine principles:
1, the main product must be placed on the main booth
Main Booth refers customers most likely to see the location, that is the main booth is located on the main channel and customer eye level parallel booth. On the main stand can be based on different sales strategy merchandising, for example: during the promotion period, you can put promotional models, aims to improve the sales rate reached; during the promotion, you can display new products, product image, the aim of increasing product image promotion.
2, easy to introduce the principles of
Convenient introduction refers to the principle of low, selling products in easy to get, booth presentation, which placed near the main exhibition. Cheap, selling merchandise is on the amount of goods, terminal sales process, the need for product regular commentary, explanation of the process at the same time they need to interact with customers, so special, exhibition-selling of goods required to meet the principles of convenience introduction.
3, the vertical principle
Vertical display refers to similar products on display from top to bottom in one or a group of shelves, customers can easily see all the disposable commodities. To facilitate comparison with the purchase of the customer, but also facilitate the comparison of sales and marketing staff to explain.
4, similar trace -
Similar GuiLong refers to the same type, the same kind of functional properties of products side by side on a display stand for easy explanations of consumers compared with the sales staff.
5, spacing principles
Spacing principle refers to the product's display is not closely packed, you must leave a certain distance, to come up and placed in a convenient time to introduce the product.
6. Principle of Relevance
Relevance refers to a similar principle, using a similar situation with a combination of complementary goods on display, you can easily increase consumer choice and purchase of goods, and to achieve the associated later with Lenovo to buy a synergistic effect.
7, the most important commodity repeat of a kind
Repeat sampling means under conditions allowed in booth space, the main product of repeated furnishings, form a strong visual effect.
8, the principle of full display
Full display principle is that each booth must display products, the booth must not appear empty. If there is not enough product model on display, it should be used to repeat the kind of form to display full booth, to achieve a strong visual effect.
9, offset near brand principles: the need to offset the merchandise on display near the brand's message.
More than nine principle is to follow the principles of the terminal display, specific merchandising will be based on the above principles, be adjusted according to promotion strategies in different periods, stand the situation.
Second, the paper shelf - Gifts Exhibition
The purpose of the gift is to increase the value of the products to improve customer satisfaction, thereby enhancing the product's turnover rate. Gifts are not just extras, through gifts to convey to consumers a reason to not have to buy. Therefore, the display of gifts to put the customer first, most visible place.
1, gift needs to be placed on the primary channel, the consumer most likely to see this place;
2, gift needs to be combined with POP display: allow consumers to see the gift of (global brand network) value and features that make gift learn to speak.
3, matching gifts and merchandise to be stacked together, so that both customers look to understand, eliminating salespeople need to explain the trouble, but also allow customers to have an intuitive feel.
4, as far as possible to maximize the gifts on display: without affecting the line of sight, to ensure the safety of the gift should try to Duitou heap more.
Third, the paper shelf display --POP
In today's highly competitive retail industry, as an intermediary between the consumer and the retailer of POP advertising is increasingly becoming an important means of promoting sales performance. Rational use of POP can not only replace the function of the sales staff, reduce staff costs, but also to achieve the purpose of increasing sales. Therefore, store POP display is also very important. POP display in the terminal needs to meet five main principles:
1. Repeat the unifying principle: refers to the repeated display POP must be unified to achieve a strong visual effect. With a booth, stores are not allowed at the same time two different content display promotional information, product information, and more.
2, simple principle: POP design preferably within seven words.
3, the symmetry principle: POP refers to either be cross-linked, across, hanging display must satisfy the principle of symmetry, to achieve beautiful visual.
4, the principle of maximizing: refers to the maximum extent possible POP display, to achieve the effect of visual impact. POP at the booth, with the top up.
5, the principle of distinction: that POP and stand must be distinguished from the surrounding color to distinguish.
Fourth, the paper shelf - Personnel Situation
Even the best merchandise, in terminal sales staff are required to go out, so people in the terminal's performance is below a terminal display, image display category, he represents the company's image, but of the whole terminal extension work, the most important factor.
Content personnel situation include: hospitality attitude, professional quality, staff quality and conversational style, ability and resourcefulness of the wind blows, the level of business personnel and practical knowledge, business skills, product knowledge of the business situation and understanding of the industry and competitive brands It is understanding the difference between competing brands of personnel and so on.
Terminal display is simple, but repeated a hundred times to do simple things, it will become not simple. Therefore, to make the terminal display, you need to establish the correct display of the scientific outlook, and maintained in the latter part of the terminal display, improvement and optimization. Do end, the fight is the details, the details of who made perfect, who is the winner!

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