Large-bit display of supermarket goods sales have an important role

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Supermarket goods display tips for supermarket sales of goods plays an irreplaceable role, it is from space, psychology and other multi-faceted, multi-angle to promote the customer's consumption behavior, the supermarket management system is an indispensable link. Thus, homework One of supermarket sales staff is supermarket goods display skills learning and accumulation.
Then the supermarket merchandise display techniques are what it?
1, is the essence of the supermarket display: adopted piecemeal, no stroke win a trick
The so-called supermarket display rule is only in principle, the basics of literacy or "miscellaneous internal strength", the practical application of the supermarket display is not done on a sheet of white paper One painting, more restrictions to consider the specific circumstances of the supermarket, use display basic knowledge, so resourceful, adopted piecemeal, no stroke win a trick.
2, meaning that the display rule One of visual effects system
Companies display rule differing rules, in fact, the significance of the display is not the law of the law itself (eg: in the end is the brand vertical, horizontal or packaging vertical packaging good, good brand level, in fact, difficult to have public opinion), but that there is One standard , so that consumers can see a different point of sale systems One style Display shelf easier to form memories points.
Such as: One unified brand display order: whether in the street or super discount grocery stores, Coca-Cola products on display, poster all follow from left to right is Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, striking order
3, the core of the law is to have the largest display space
If u think too much content display One rule erupted remember all the words, u One need only remember the phrase: "as display more products, occupy more display space." The more you put on display effect is more likely to maintain (or will soon exhaust side as consumers reduced purchases), the more sales opportunities. U can competing products out of the shelves, you can put him out of the market.
4. Supermarket One item on display is not working in isolation.
Supermarket display effect without the support of the shop, and the shop u support from the following reasons:
a, u invest more exhibition costs;
b, good service, operational staff professional, thoughtful, good customer intelligence;
c, u products in the supermarket sales volume;
d, u create products to supermarkets and high profits;
e, u promotional activities to enhance the image of the supermarket stores, supermarkets to bring more flow effect or can enhance the supermarket "low price image."
Thus, the supermarket One item on display is not working in isolation. In order to improve the effect of supermarket display needs from investment portfolio design, price positioning of the supermarket, promotion, display cost, service quality, business visits and other aspects of efforts, simply by improving sales staff to visit the supermarket display effects (especially The fight is on display bits), it becomes a source of water takes two to tango.
5, display no termination, only by execution.
To get the best display location and space are the only One step, display the effect of maintenance by the business people in their daily work from time to time, day, month, year after year of unremitting efforts.
Individual products on display is a large supermarket bar code positioning principles (eg: One a row corresponding to the three items specified surface, when the items out of stock out of stock, the price tag will be inverted, and three rows of faces rather empty the other items are not allowed to occupy)
But most supermarkets allow other products to fill the gap discharge side this time One of manufacturers which supply more timely, business people to visit more diligent, more solid work storefront display, will better maintain their inherent display position, and gradually seize, cannibalism competing products on display bits. One supermarket display some extent is the performance of business dedicated staff level of performance is the kind of executive power and endurance One Competition
6, supermarket display no best, only better, to learn there is devotion.
After the supermarket to our exhibition space is limited, increase the display surface One barcode is bound to reduce the display surface of the other One a barcode.
So supermarket display never the best, can only strive for better, according to different periods and different products to promote focused, it is devotion, the priority focus on the promotion of the items on display at the expense of "minor" items of the display surface.

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